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Yappy model is inspired by the western models and by applying it to all time favorites western / Indian ethnic quick foods. We believe that the common man has the right to get hygienic and standardized food at affordable price. Today Indian food are accepted for their taste in all over the world and we want to make more reach the Indian ethnic food all over the world by maintaining its mouth watering yappy taste in hygienic and standardized way.

Yappy includes wide range of products like vada pav to burger, pizza to parathas, momos, fries, samosas etc. we want to serve mouth watering hygienic and standardized food items at economic pricing in simple, healthy and delicious way. We yappy want to make the fastest leading Indian food chain of quality food for the people of India, for serving quality food to the people. Yappy model at affordable investment will serve a good business to that people who really interested in food industry. Yappy will serve best opportunity at lowest investments with good returns.

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The idea of quick food might me new to you but trust us once you taste YappY foods, the taste will be highly familiar and would take you to whole another spree from which you would never want to come back!

Running late for work, don’t worry! Yappy Foods has the best solution to your problem which will not only make your boss happy but also your hungry stomach!

Combination of TASTE, NUTRITION and INSTANT are very rarely heard, just like once in a blue moon. Blue moon would always remain rare but with the Yappy Foods this combination is there for you anytime

Best for the working women whose kids and loved ones regularly demand for new, tasty and healthy food. Balance your work and family life just with Yappy Foods.

Each and every category of food is prepared from best and fresh ingredients and which is also tested by experts for your safety.

How do you know the expensive food you ate at restaurants is hygienic or not! Only trust your kitchen and get the yummilicious restaurant tasting food right in your kitchen at bare minimum cost!